What to do now

Isolate one or more solutions from the 8 Step Plan below, then call us.  From the moment you call us you are one of the family.  It becomes our job to work out the pathway to helping where we can.  For some it may start with Clinical Advice on how to manage severe incontinence.  For others it may just be getting the right product at the right price. Another need may be a reminder call or a programmed regular delivery to the door.

Request A Callback


    Ask Caremmunity – get some initial advice over the phone

    Give us a Call – our Care Staff are very knowledgeable but mostly we have become very good at identifying common problems and translating them into the correct continence aids. If you are caught in a trial and error cycle, buying from the supermarket or pharmacy you are potentially wasting $$Hundreds$$


    Book your assessment with our Continence Nurse

    Caremmunity has Continence Nurse Specialists servicing Adelaide and the surrounding areas between Victor Harbour and the Barossa Valley.


    Caremmunity’s Nurse will visit you in your home

    Book an in-home assessment with our nurse. Assessment fee is $157.61 ex GST that may be charged to your package or plan.  Face to Face Assessments as well as video and phone based Telehealth Assessment options are available


    Our Nurse will provide management advice

    At your assessment the Nurse will provide you first hand advice on managing Bladder and Bowel issues. Fluids, Food, Medications, Medical History, Bed Protection and functional issues will all be examined and recommendations will be made. Medical concerns that require further investigation will be reported to your GP via a formal letter if you consent


    Ask our Nurse if you will be eligible for funding

    As part of your assessment the Continence Nurse Specialist can also fill in and lodge your CAPS funding request. The funding request is lodged with Medicare. You must meet the eligibility criteria to receive funding and the Nurse will complete your form along with a Health Report for Medicare to assess. CAPS funding is approx. $600, automatically renews annually until you become ineligible – e.g. a move to Residential Aged Care or no longer incontinent.


    Caremmunity will liaise and report to your GP if required

    The Nurse will require your consent before sending information to your GP. If any medical issues become apparent at your assessment the Nurse will notify your GP of further investigations that are required.


    Caremmunity will provide samples of incontinence aids

    Within 7 days of your Continence Assessment you would have received samples of Continence Aids. Continence Aids are chosen based on the information provided plus the feedback you have on your existing experiences. All continence aids have differences in cut, fit and bulkiness so this will be taken into account to provide the best product for you. We sample all brands and as per our guarantee, we don’t expect any payment – this process is so we can ensure your satisfaction and hold up our end of our GUARANTEE.

    Once you are satisfied that we have found the product for you, we will ask for payment on any product we send you from that time on. Caremmunity’s product pricing will be equal or better than any other independent supplier’s everyday pricing. In addition, we offer free delivery, programmed automatic deliveries and reminder calls at no charge.


    Schedule FREE regular deliveries of products

    Our programmed deliveries and reminder calls have been created due to customer requests. We understand that the last thing anyone wants to be faced with is running out of Continence Aids. Our delivery program ensures that products arrive to you every month – programmed deliveries are FREE to your door. Ask for a reminder call – if you would like us to remind you with a call every month, we can also do this.

    Assessment Referral